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Chinese Cuisine

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Reviewed by: fatboyjoe1956 on: 2021/1/24 10:55:17
I ordered shrimp fried rice today, and crispy walnut shrimp. The shrimp in the fried rice was spoiled. It was no good. I ate four before noticing there was a green tint on the shrimp in the fried rice. The crispy shrimp tasted fine, but were not crispy. They talk about the great chefs they have. Why didn't they notice the green color on my shrimp? If I get sick, I swear to you, I am suing. I saved two of the green shrimp and am saving them in my freezer. This is not only disappointing, it infuriates me.
Reviewed by: consuellaw on: 2018/10/17 20:20:59
I was not satisfied with my order... I WILL NOT be eating from here again and I will be telling my friends. I don't want anything free I just wanted my shrimp fried rice. And the presentation sucks.😫😣
Reviewed by: Tamelagd on: 2016-12-28
I ordered chicken with broccoli and they gave my shrimp with broccoli. I called the store and I was told that I would receive a credit for the order the next time I came in. I called today and ordered the exact same thing and was told that I would only receive extra chicken in my order. I told the receptionist that I did not want extra chicken. He then told me that he could only give me a $2.00 credit, I told him that is not what he told me on the phone when he messed up my order. He then said that was what he meant. Sorry sir, I can't read your mind. Please do not give them your money. The service here is HORRIBLE!!!!!!!!!! I did not even eat the meal, I threw it away.
Reviewed by: bgeegan on: 2016-12-20
While eating I bite into something hard turned out to be a rock! Called to let them know what happened and they took the food and rock back up to the restaurant. The owner took no responsibility and made it seem like I was making it up. I informed them I chipped my tooth and would be going to the dentist, however I have private dental insurance and would just like reimbursement for the cost of my dental visit and any procedure that may have to be done. The owner doesn't doesn't speak English and would not even come to front to speak with me only told the receptionists at the front he wasn't buying it!
Reviewed by: Selma_washington on: 2016-08-03
I was so disappointed in the customer service of this place while getting some auto service done near by I decided to grab something to eat I had walk through the parking lot and saw the China star oh great Chinese food as I enter the establishment and went to the counter to order my food mind you this was the first time coming here the employees were both busy taking orders over the phone I waited patiently then I preceded to order neither 1 of the employees never acknowledged me nor did neither tell me that the counter was for to go orders some other customers came in and they told them that they were not a buffet but if they wanted to eat there then take a seat and they will be with them I immediately overheard the employees tell the other customers so I immediately told the young lady who was taking my order that I also wanted my food served on a plate to eat there- as I sat waited for my food I decided to make a call in which I didn't here the employee call for me then after getting off the phone 5-7 mins max I notice the lady employee bring out the other customer food I immediately mask the lady employee who was at that point folding napkins where was my food she proceeded with and attitude that my food was on the counter I then reintegrated to her that when I ordered I ask for for my food to be served so I can eat it at the establishment then the man employee grabbed the bag and brought the bag to the table and immediately started to pull everything out on put it on the table I politely ask him to take it back and have it put on a plate and bowl he and the female employee immediately got upset with me with a attitude towards me and started telling me that I shouldn't order from the counter that I should have came in and sit down wow what happen to good customer service and mind u it was my first time at the the establishment I didn't know that a customer is penalized from the employee for not knowing the establishment service geezzzz!!! I don't know how the food was because I immediately ask for a refund in which both employee got a real bad attitude the female employee refused to refund my money and the male employee took 2-3 other phone orders before refunding me . Most definitely I will not be going to this establishment again horrible employee customer service!!!!!
Reviewed by: mawebb1991 on: 2016-05-03
I understand some of you probably hate your job with a passion. Which is fine but unfortunately ITS YOUR JOB! You dont have to do it with a smile on your face but you sure in the hell can do it with respect towards your customers. Whoever you allow to answer your phone just made you lose business. After today I wont be ordering from this place again. Sorry, not sorry.
Reviewed by: Cristalortiz09 on: 2014-07-26
Im hungry like 24 hours all day , and you all work only 12 or 13 hours day !! Tooo baaaah!!!
Reviewed by: Cristalortiz09 on: 2014-07-26
Im hungry like 24 hours all day , and you all work only 12 or 13 hours day !! Tooo baaaah!!!
Reviewed by: StarLt101 on: 2014-04-04
I have never had a bad meal from them! Love the food, and have never had a problem with the employees there not being interested... they are always kind. If you don't like it? don't eat there... plain and simple.
Reviewed by: victor_c_walker on: 2014-03-15
Their phone manners leave quite a bit to be desired. It was clear that the employees did not want to be there. There were short with me and lacked clear communication. The quality of the food was about what you would expect from a Chinese food establishment that has the luxury of being the only one in this delivery range.
Reviewed by: tawanadmt35 on: 2014-02-18
love them !!
Reviewed by: baby0101 on: 2014-01-08
Favorite spot, but they need to amp up the Pork fried rice
Reviewed by: Rae M. on: 3/31/2013 12:08:00 AM
The epitome of mediocre.....Nothing was disgusting, but my lips never uttered an mmmmmm, either. And, well, if something is delicious, that's what I do...mmmmmm. My son and I walked in....Not a single person in there.....That was weeeeird. Well, if i'm being honest here I was slightly thankful because it was noon and I was in my pajamas and had no bra on. BUT, when you're about to eat somewhere, the last thing you want to see are a bunch of empty seats. Service was quick, food came out in a flash. Prices are super reasonable and the lady at the counter was sweet enough.I guess the chicken lo mein was CLOSE to disgusting. There were like wilted, soggy pieces of lettuce in it?? wtf? And the chicken that was inside had more of an over cooked tofu consistency than chicken. Not sure that i'll eat the leftovers even......The fried rice...Well, before i even started eating, I had already made my sons place (he's 5) and he yells into the kitchen "MA! If you ordered fried rice with yours, don't eat it! GROSS!" Kid loves fried rice. Harsh critic! :) Wonder where he gets that from? Look, at the end of the day, kids are super honest and have no filter. It DID look and taste very generic. Not "ethnic".....It was as though I myself attempted to make fried rice for the first time and did an OH-KAY job. My son liked the orange chicken. Personally, I thought it tasted more like the peel of an orange. I ordered this 3 meat medley (chicken, beef, shrimp) and that was probably the best part. Wonton soup wasn't bad. I'm pretty sure the only way i'd go back is if I were super drunk and craving chinese food. And that's only because I can walk there from my Apt.